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    Offshore Wind

    The offshore wind sector is growing fast with no signs of slowing down. This is largely due to rising demand for clean energy and support for sustainability initiatives. As an organisation committed to providing ESG solutions to our customers, we’ve identified a unique opportunity to enhance our position in the UK offshore wind sector.

    According to Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult, the UK’s leading innovation centre for offshore renewable energy, the UK offshore wind maintenance, repair and operations market is projected to reach £1.3 billion per year by 20302.

    In 2022/23, we were selected to participate in a business transformation programme with the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership, part of ORE Catapult. The goal is to enhance our position as a supplier to the offshore wind industry through dedicated market intelligence, insight and business support. This has been instrumental in helping us to build a sophisticated value proposition, establishing ourselves as first-choice for customers in this sector.

    It’s a pivotal point for the offshore wind sector. By increasing our activity and visibility this time, we’re brilliantly placed to deliver long-term value for our shareholders.

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