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    Key performance indicators


    Our six financial key performance indicators (KPIs) help us to deliver the successful implementation of our strategy and monitor and drive our performance.

    EC1213297 KPI Revgrowth BAR
    10 %

    Like for like revenue growth

    EC1213297 KPI Opprofconversion BAR
    29.7 %

    Adjusted operating profit conversion

    EC1213297 KPI Opprofmargin BAR
    13.5 %

    Adjusted operating profit margin

    EC1213297 KPI EPS BAR
    63.6 p

    Adjusted earnings per share (EPS)

    EC1213297 KPI ROCE BAR
    30.8 %

    Return on capital employed (ROCE)

    EC1213297 KPI Cashflow BAR
    92 %

    Adjusted operating cash flow conversion


    We have eight non-financial KPIs to help measure progress against our strategy.

    EC1213297 KPI Carbonintensity BAR V3

    Carbon intensity

    (tonnes of CO2e due to Scope 1 and 2 emissions / £m revenue)

    EC1213297 KPI Carbonemissions BAR V2

    Carbon emissions

    (tonnes of CO2e due to Scope 1 and 2 emissions / £m revenue)

    EC1213297 KPI Packaging BAR V2

    Packaging intensity

    (tonnes / £m revenue)

    EC1213297 KPI Waste BAR V2
    76 %


    (% of waste recycled)

    EC1213297 KPI Promoterscore BAR V3

    Group rolling 12-month Net Promoter Score (NPS)

    EC1213297 KPI Empengage BAR

    Employee engagement

    EC1213297 KPI Womenmanagement BAR V2
    30 %

    Percentage of management that are women

    EC1213297 KPI Accidents BAR V2

    All accidents

    (per 200,000 hours)

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