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    Revolutionising availability and distribution

    Our unique strength lies in the combination of our global distribution network, industry-leading inventory management systems and strong operational efficiencies. Operating in 31 countries, we have long-term immersive partnerships with over 2,500 suppliers.

    Our global reach and dedicated team of over 8,700 employees means we’re committed to providing exceptional service and experiences, wherever our customers are located. With distribution centres strategically placed around the world, we ship an astonishing one product every two seconds. We strive to achieve this with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. 


    countries worldwide with operational sites

    2,500 +

    successful partnerships with renowned suppliers

    c. 9,000

    dedicated employees, ensuring our customers get nothing less than the best

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    Better choice, bigger range, greater reach

    Sourced from our trusted suppliers around the globe, we have an unrivalled range of industrial products to solve our customer’s challenges. With over 750,000 stocked products and further access to unstocked products from our suppliers’ range, customers can rely on us for the products they need.

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    Global power, local synergy

    We’re constantly challenging ourselves to ensure we remain a partner in excellence. Whilst we operate under one unified and global brand, we are uniquely structured to cater to both regional and local markets. Our agile, responsive and localised strategy helps us effectively address the individual needs of our valued customers and suppliers within different markets. We deliver a range of problem solving solutions to help keep our customers fully operational, including our own brand RS PRO products and OKdo's design software and prototyping solutions that help turn ideas into opportunity.

    Tailoring our approach to meet local demands and maximising the use of local resources means we are able to respond quicker and deliver more efficiently. To ensure our regional teams are focussed on local needs, we’ve deployed dedicated global business functions – including technology, people, marketing, and data – to provide specialised insights and optimise their responsibility.

    We’re a global organisation with an understanding of what makes each market tick. Adapting our support to each demand, we believe in being not just globally great, but locally brilliant, too.

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    Powerful partnerships with the world’s biggest and best

    We work tirelessly to build mutually beneficial partnerships with some of the industry’s leading brands. Together, we become a dynamic force that is ready and prepared to meet the demands, whatever they are, of the next big challenge.