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    We provide our customers with product and service solutions, enabling them to focus on their own aims of designing, building, maintaining, repairing and operating industrial equipment, safely and sustainably. 

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    Unlocking solutions to customer challenges

    Our customers across many industries demand rapid response and progressive results-based thinking. Whether it’s managing design, procurement, inventory, or maintenance – we’re always on hand with customer-led product and service solutions.

    What sets us apart is our ability to tackle customer challenges head-on. Integrating our products, services and digital solutions means we can keep one eye on present demands and the other on future needs. Thanks to our agile supplier relationships and optimised distribution centre capacity, we have the products and solutions to meet our customers’ need as and when they want it.

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    The essential link between customers and suppliers

    By understanding the unique requirements of all our partners, we create mutually beneficial connections between industrial customers and suppliers.

    Flexibility and a high-touch service allows our customers to purchase in whatever way they like to ensure their businesses run smoothly and efficiently – saving them time and money.

    Product solutions powered by insight

    Our proactive supplier partnerships ensure we can provide a broad selection – along with consistent availability and substitutes – of technical and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products for our industrial customers to choose from. Central to our growth strategy and driven by data and insights, we’re continually evaluating and enhancing our product range, to ensure we remain the first choice product category specialist. The continued expansion of RS PRO, our own-own brand product range, demonstrates our unique understanding of the market, in developing high quality, value-focused products for every industrial customer need.

    Solutions to optimise businesses

    Created with one goal in mind, our service solutions exist to help customers solve problems. They drive down costs, enhance efficiency and promote sustainability. Whether it’s minimising machine downtime, limiting indirect expenses or enhancing energy efficiency – our suite of digitally enabled, adaptable service solutions is here to keep our customers’ businesses running smoothly and efficiently.