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    Operational excellence
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    Operational efficiency

    We’re focused on doing the basics brilliantly – operating and growing more efficiently through executional excellence, innovation and simplifying our business model.

    Creating a better world for all our stakeholders

    By operating more efficiently, we become more effective. By becoming more effective, we become a trusted partner in problem solving for suppliers and customers alike. And by becoming a trusted partner, we can continue shaping bigger, better, bolder ways to create value for our business and stakeholders.

    Our achievements so far


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    The endless pursuit of excellence 

    Excellence matters. That’s why we have many initiatives focused on continually raising the bar for our operations all around the business.

    Where shall we start? We’ve invested in our physical assets, forming a strong, global network of distribution and customer fulfilment centres to provide fast, responsive delivery. We’ve devised smarter ways to leverage our large volume of data, not only from our customer transactions but also about customer needs through our sales teams and online customer viewing preferences. 

    And we’ve developed a global shared business service. This provides simple, scalable solutions to the business, using standardisation, automation and right-skilling to improve our efficiency and operating leverage.

    Our global reach and presence are on a whole new level. And we’re better able to exploit our regional expertise, network synergies and talent. We recognise that aligning our strengths in technology, data and distribution creates opportunities to execute better and so improve our marginal drop-through.

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