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    Our strategy

    How we create value

    We know why we’re here: making amazing happen for a better world.
    And we know where we’re going: a future where we’re first choice for all our stakeholders.

    Our strategy is how we’ll make these ambitions a reality through four key actions.

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    Our company’s success is underpinned by a purpose-led strategy, which continues to resonate with customers and suppliers alike.

    How are we creating value for customers? By giving them a brilliant experience. By leveraging our data insight and executional capabilities. By enhancing our service solutions offer. By broadening our product range. All of it driven by our strong team of dedicated and skilled people who are passionate about making a better world, one day at a time.

    Increase scale in global industrial and MRO markets

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    We don’t just see the opportunities – we’re ready to seize them. Continuing to grow our share of market and customer wallet across all our regions. Outperforming the market and increasing our customer count. How? By selling more to existing customers and acquiring new ones. By growing our branded and own-brand product range. And by leveraging our digital and data capabilities to give customers a brilliant service experience they’ll want again and again.

    We’re accelerating organic growth by adding high-quality, strategic acquisitions – ones that will make our product and service solutions better and broader and enable us to be a more efficient business across our markets.

    Improve digitalisation and customer experience

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    The best future for our core customers doesn’t involve a trade-off between digital experience and a human touch – it involves the best of both. Our customers want to tap into our technical knowledge and insight. But they also want doing business with us to be easy.

    We’re finding ways to make customers’ MRO procurement faster and more efficient. Creating a better overall customer experience that won’t just differentiate us from our competitors, it will expand our share of customers’ wallets and increase their loyalty.

    Deliver operational excellence with great people

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    We want to do the basics brilliantly – building strong foundations to operate more efficiently through executional excellence, innovation and simplifying our business model. By operating more efficiently, we become more effective – enabling us to become a trusted partner in problem solving for suppliers and customers alike.

    Our people bring this ambition and aspiration to life. That’s why having a high-performance, purpose-led culture remains our highest priority. To cultivate this culture, we need to provide a clear set of values and behaviours, plus the training and development support to achieve this.

    We’ve been strengthening our leadership structure with a clear focus on executing our talent development framework and increasing diversity and inclusion. All of this will make sure we have the very best people working together to deliver results that delight all our stakeholders.

    Expand product and service solutions

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    As the fields of design, inventory, procurement and maintenance keep presenting fresh challenges to our customers, we keep enhancing our products and services that solve them – better and better.  All helped by our strong supplier relationships, our digital capabilities and greater distribution centre capacity. Our own brand, RS PRO, is a huge lever for growth and profitability and a great value alternative for our customers.

    When customers look at us, we don’t want them to see a product or a price. We want them to see a partner in problem solving. Our ability to combine products, services and digital solutions means we can be this partner in a way that others can’t.