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  • Ease of doing business

    Ease of doing business
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    Effortless customer experience

    We’re giving customers an exceptionally easy experience powered by digital ingenuity, specialist knowledge and a human touch.

    Delivering a joined-up
    customer experience

    The world’s already complicated enough. That’s why we’re investing in making our customer experience a delightfully simple one. Fast, responsive and powered by technology. Delivering a seamless end-to-end customer experience through digital channels, a human touch – or a combination of both – with specialist support and technical product knowledge.

    Combined with our solutions offer, we’re creating a frictionless and intuitive flow through all our digital and offline channels. Plus, a more personalised and bespoke service for higher-value customers as we optimise our cost to serve.

    Our achievements so far

    61 %

    of revenue through digital channels

    c. 4 %

    of Group revenue spent on digital

    95 %

    of all new customers journey start online

    Complex needs,
    easy solutions

    The best future for our customers doesn’t involve a trade-off between digital experience and a human touch – it involves the best of both. Our customers want to tap into our technical knowledge and insight. But they also want doing business with us to be easy.

    We’re finding ways to make customers’ MRO procurement faster and more efficient. Creating a better overall customer experience that won’t just differentiate us from our competitors, it will expand our share of our customers’ wallets and increase their loyalty.

    What will it take to be first choice for our customers? Solving their procurement needs, however complex, in ways that save them time and money sustainably. We’re bringing focus to our portfolio and developing a market-leading digital proposition that gives us a more valuable place in customers’ lives.

    Smarter product search. A more responsive customer interface. A more transparent delivery process. A more personalised service. These are just some of the things we’re doing to delight customers and keep them coming back for more. 

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