• Sustainability
  • Advancing sustainability
  • Value chain

    Committed to net zero by 2050

    Value chain

    Product transportation

    Our 2030 action: Reduce Scope 3 transport emissions by 25% per tonne of product sold*.
    *By 2029/30 from 2019/20

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    Reducing transport emissions

    Sustainable products and service solutions

    Our 2030 action: Develop innovative and sustainable product and service solutions for all our customers, including offering 100,000 Better World products by the end of 2024/25

    Offshore Wind

    Advancing ESG solutions

    Supplier engagement

    Our 2030 action: Engage 67% of suppliers by spend to set science based targets (SBTs) by 2025

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    Integrating ESG into our supply chain

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    Direct operations

    Committed to net zero by 2030

    • Carbon: Be net zero with a science-based target to reduce absolute emissions from our own operations by 75%*
    • Packaging: Make our packaging more sustainable – reduce intensity by 30%*, with 100% of packaging widely reusable or recyclable and made with 50% recycled content
    • Waste: Reduce, reuse and recycle our waste – reduce intensity by 50%*, recycle more than 95% and achieve zero waste to landfill in our direct operations

    *All targets are by 2029/30 from 2019/20

    Additional 2030 ESG action areas

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    Championing education and innovation

    Partnering with education providers, building skills and fostering innovative solutions that improve lives. 

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    Empowering our people

    Creating a safe, inclusive and dynamic culture where everyone can thrive and grow.

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    Doing business responsibly

    We are taking action to ensure the highest ethical and environmental standards throughout our business and global value chain.