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    Business model

    Our competitive advantage

    Our customers build, maintain, repair and operate industrial equipment and operations. We give them the product and service solutions to do this safely and sustainably.

    What we do

    We are the essential link between suppliers and industrial customers who buy many different products in small volumes to maintain, repair and operate their businesses.

    Our deep technical and industry expertise. Our understanding of customers’ needs. Our exhaustive range of product and service solutions. Our fast and responsive customer service. We bring all these strengths together to make our customers’ lives easier, keep their businesses running smoothly – and save them time and money along the way.

    Our customer’s average order value is £255.


    Business Model Mobile

    How we do it 

    We see significant opportunity to increase our market share through differentiating our proposition further through our product and service solutions offer and enhancing our customer experience. Ultimately we want our customers to come to RS as their first choice for their industrial and MRO needs. 

    How We Do It

    How we create value

    We serve customers of all shapes and sizes – from small one-off purchasers to global multi-site operators. Our service solution offer flexes, too. Transactional customers enjoy a smooth, digitally led experience. Larger customers benefit from a more specialist, solutions-led experience, enabling us to foster long-lasting, loyal relationships with our people and increase our share of wallet.

    How We Drive Value