Want to build a Better World? So do we. Better World Products deliver sustainability with people and planet in mind.

One of our key 2030 ESG action plan goals is to work with our suppliers to provide sustainable product and service solutions that help our customers achieve their ambitions and run their businesses more sustainably, safely and responsibly.

And it’s well underway. We have partnered with trusted sustainability experts to create a robust product framework that meets the growing demand from customers and other stakeholders for more sustainable choices. It's called Better World Products.

Our framework classifies claims into three categories.

Better World Products offer a clear, credible and trusted sustainable product standard for industry.
By encouraging our suppliers to develop and certify more sustainable products, we are making it easier for our customers to make greener choices they can trust. Our claims based framework targets sustainability improvements across the product lifecycle:

  • Made more sustainably: features products produced using more sustainable materials or manufacturing processes 

  • Sustainable solution: features products that help customers run their business more sustainably; from reducing energy and emissions to protecting health and safety 

  • Supports circularity: features products with an increased lifespan, or that can be reused, repaired or recycled to reduce waste


A leading sustainable product framework

c. 30,000

products in our Better World Product range

90 +

supplier products in the range

1,000 +

products that help customers to reduce carbon reduction or generate renewable energy

Offshore Wind


This is just the beginning of our journey to deliver sustainable products and service solutions that help our customers meet their long-term goals.