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    Our Amazing Leaders framework (show passion, act with humility, demonstrate trust) is the blueprint for leadership across our business. We know that culture evolves through leaders’ behaviour. That’s why we’ve integrated Amazing Leaders into performance conversations, talent discussions and all leadership development activity, including team development.

    At our Global Leaders Event in April 2022, over 200 leaders from across the Group came together to craft and share their personal leadership purpose, articulating the impact of their leadership on others. This created a strong foundation to grow a more purpose-led culture.

    All new leaders get an invite when they join the organisation. They take part in a small group session to explore Amazing Leaders and identify the personal development that’s important to them. 

    By offering these programmes, tools and resources, we want to make sure all leaders know what good looks like. And we want every leader to take personal ownership and responsibility for becoming the best leader they can be for their people.