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    Supply chains, historically, are a major source of carbon emissions for our industry. But what if we changed that? From sourcing, storing and shipping more products regionally and locally to our customers. To switching from high-carbon modes of transport (like air) to low-carbon alternatives (like sea and road). We’re paving the way to a greener future.

    In 2022/23, we made good headway in reducing Scope 3 transport emissions intensity. Nowhere more than in Asia Pacific. Here, we benefited from fuel efficiency gains in the transportation industry as well as more locally held inventory, reducing the distance our products travelled.

    We’ve also added products into our expanded European distribution centre in Bad Hersfeld, Germany to closer serve our European customers. Since 2019/20, 50% more products have been sourced from suppliers located in Europe. This activity will go from strength to strength in 2023/24 and remains a key driver of our carbon reduction plans in EMEA.