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    The Better World product range includes 50 new suppliers and over 1,000 new products specific to sustainable energy solutions, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to champion sustainable and ethical procurement across the global industrial value chain

    LONDON, UK, 05 March 2024 – RS Group plc (LSE: RS1), a global digitally-led provider of product and service solutions for industrial customers, has today announced its Better World Claims Based Framework, enabling customers to select verified sustainable product alternatives. This provides suppliers with a standardised framework to accelerate the development and manufacture of more sustainable and responsible products, providing a committed partner in RS. 

    As part of the new framework, the Group is extending its Better World range by 10,000 products and 50 suppliers, increasing the total to c.30,000 products from over 90 suppliers. More than 1,000 of the new products support energy and carbon reduction or renewable energy generation across customer facilities.

    The company launched the Better World product range in March 2023, to enable the world’s engineers, innovators and problem solvers to make more sustainable and responsible product choices where each product is supported by robust evidence and verifications.

    It comes in response to an increasing need from customers within process industry and manufacturing to purchase greener products that help improve operational efficiency and drive ambitious sustainability goals. The CIPS and RS Indirect Procurement Report 2024 showed ‘sustainable and ethical procurement’ as a top business pressure for UK procurement professionals, with 71% considering Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) as important when selecting products or services and 80% saying they would pay a premium for sustainable products.

    With customers finding sustainable purchasing confusing and limited, the new Better World product framework was developed with and verified by external sustainability consultants. It ensures clear and robust categorisation of product sustainability claims, aligned to developing green claims legislation, including adhering to the industry-standard ISO 14021. The framework covers the key areas of the product lifecycle and claims are now classed into three main categories:

    1.    Made more sustainably – products produced using more sustainable materials or manufacturing processes.
    2.    Sustainable solution – products that help customers run their business more sustainably; from reducing energy and emissions to protecting health and safety.
    3.    Supports circularity – products with an increased lifespan, or can be reused, repaired or recycled to reduce waste.

    Danny Hobson, Head of Product & Supplier Sustainability at RS Group comments: “Our customers want to buy greener products to support their sustainability goals; but they find it difficult when there is such a limited selection. This framework has been developed to not only provide more simplicity and transparency for purchasing decisions, but also to ensure peace of mind that our green claims are genuine, comply with the latest regulatory guidelines and are backed by evidence. We have an important role to play across the value chain to encourage customers and suppliers to adopt greener choices, and today’s announcement ensures we are working collaboratively to design and build as sustainably as possible.” 

    RS Group's Better World product framework sets a clear standard and precedence for sustainable products for the industry. The company is committed to partnering with suppliers and customers to advance a more sustainable and circular value chain. It also marks a significant step in its 2030 ESG action plan to offer customers 100,000 Better World products. 

    For more information about RS Group’s Better World products, please visit the company’s website.

    RS Group
    RS Group plc provides product and service solutions that help our customers design, build, maintain, repair and operate industrial equipment and operations, safely and sustainably. We stock more than 750,000 industrial and electronic products, sourced from over 2,500 leading suppliers, and provide a wide range of product and service solutions to 1.1 million customers.

    We support customers across the product lifecycle, whether via innovation and technical support at the design phase, improving time to market and productivity at the build phase, or reducing purchasing costs and optimising inventory in the maintenance, repair and operation phase. We offer our customers tailored product and service propositions that are essential for the successful operation of their businesses and help them save time and money.

    RS Group plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange with stock ticker RS1 and in the year ended 31 March 2023 reported revenue of £2,982 million.

    For more information, please visit www.rsgroup.com.

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